St Albans' Own East End

Verulam School


St Albans Philharmonica c1964

These two pictures show members of the St Albans Philharmonica, thought to be principally drawn from the Girls' and Boys' grammar schools, and photographed c1964 before a concert held in the hall of the Boys' Grammar School.  Among the players shown here are Edward Chance, Kevin Nutty, Alison Morton, David Morton, Colin Beak (or Bean), Joyce Osborn, Philippa Green, Rachel Stone, Libby Gough and Hilary Belcher.  If you recognise anyone else do let us know. 

St Albans County Boys' Grammar School

1947 and 1952

CLASS 1A 1947/8

BACK ROW standing: ..... Stuckey, ...... Eames, Michael Mycock, Keith Potts, ..... Robinson, unknown, unknown, ..... Johnson.

THIRD ROW seated: No names yet identified.

SECOND ROW kneeling: unknown, (gap), Ken Payne, Charles Parrott, ..... Prior, unknown, unknown.

FRONT ROW: Alan Nason, unknown, unknown, ..... Weigang, ..... Lewis, ..... Oakley, ..... Hill (behind the tear).

CLASS 5A 1952

BACK ROW: Keith Potts,  ..... Wheatfil, Ged Stone, Trevor Knight, Michael Mycock (behind), ..... Hill, ..... Green, Stan Parrott, Monty Axon, unknown, unknown, ..... Johnson, Fred Feather, unknown (behind), ..... Metcalfe.

FRONT ROW: Sid Wright, ..... Jones, ..... Adolph, ..... Naseby, Mr Alexandra, Alan Nason, Peter Miller.

St Albans County Boy's Grammar School

Sixth Form 1963

BACK ROW: Unknown; Chris Crawley; David Bevan; Peter King; Unknown; Unknown; Mike Kellard.

THIRD ROW: Unknown; John Brook; Colin Blunstone; Brian Baldwin, John Ranscombe; Unknown; Stephen Fuller.

SECOND ROW: Unknown; Martin Montague?; Unknown; Unknown; Bill Burrows, Ralph Evershed; John Smith; Howard Jackson; Unknown; David Stokes.

SEATED: Keith Joiner; Peter Meyers-Jones; Rodney Gladingbowl; Stuart Bullock; Graham Brooker; unknown; John Robins; unknown; John Oakley.                                                                                                                                                    Updated Nov 2017.

County Boys' School (Verulam) 1958

Many thanks to Mr Norton and to Friends Reunited.  And to Philip Miller for recalling names:

BACK GROUP L-R: Alexander Thornhill; John Calcraft; Alan? Morton; John Hill; Alan Parsons; David White; Michael Cook; David Clark; Alex Henderson; John Wilkins.

MIDDLE ROW L-R: ?  Keech; John Sears; Bob Brownhill; ?  Mallinson; Michael Crawley; ?  Kerrison; ?  Cantle; Bob Bills; John Liles; ?  Shuttleworth; Keith Tomlin; ?  Bromley; John Spicer.

FRONT ROW L-R: Michael Hunnan; Philip Miller; ? St John Hooper; ? Molynieux; Harvey Rutt; John Whittell; Robin Moore.

County Boys' School (Verulam) Air Training Corps 1942

Back row L-R: Cadet Ruck, Cadet Raper, Cadet Over, Cadet Rivers, Corporal Little, Cadet Hopkinson, Cadet Watford.

Middle row L-R: Corporal Spence, Corporal Hattersley, Corporal Twigg, Corporal Smith, Sergeant Becker, Sergeant Wells, Sergeant Hollins, Cadet Baynham.

Front row L-R: Corporal Gramson, Cadet McDonald, Cadet Pinner, Cadet Blain, Corporal Bishop.

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Courtesy Alan Nason

Courtesy Alan Nason

Photos courtesy Joyce Yendole

Courtesy Colin Wilson

St Albans' Own East End