St Albans' Own East End

Talks and walks


East End Talks Programme

A range of talks, most about an hour long and fully illustrated, are listed below.

Secretaries of organisations who rely on speakers for their meetings are invited to apply for dates. 

A Crown Story

Nurseries and malting, treadwheels and commuting, a fete field and a park.

Beaumonts: a Story of Two Manors

One missing manor, then another, a Cromwell Connection, a take-over, then everyone wants to live here.

Camp: the Place on the Hill

No better place to live than near a stream or two, and watch the militias at play.

Fleetville: a Game of Consequences

There was no planning or order here; no-one in control; but there were opportunities as well as penalties.

Flicks at Fleetville (about 45 minutes)

St Albans’ fourth cinema; the one no-one’s even heard of.

The Chalk Rooms of London Colney

How a village managed to educate its children.

Hill End: What Lies Beneath

The story of a missing community that came to a place and called it Hill End.

Cell Barnes: What Lies Beneath

In 1933 Cell Barnes Colony was built next door to Hill End, but is now no more.  The story of Cell Barnes is revealed.

East to Smallford

The connections between land, people, road and rail from Oaklands to Hatfield.

Paying the Price

The fogotten story of the Reading and Hatfield Turnpike Road.

St Albans’ Own East End: an Overview

The parish which became the backbone of two books.

Letting Photographs Tell the Story

What stories are revealed from the surviving photographs of St Albans’ East End?

Letting ‘Herts Ad’ Photographs Tell the Story

What stories are revealed from the Herts Advertiser Re-photographing Project.

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Fleetville Diaries has a programme of guided walks conducted in the Fleetville district.  A selection of these are included in the organisation's summer programme.

Fleetville Diaries is happy to accommodate other organisations who would like to arrange a specific guided walk frpm the list below, for their members.

For further information please email

East End Walks Programme

Made in Fleetville

A tour of the former factory and workshop sites which were behind the expansion of the local economy in the twentieth century.

Living in Fleetville

A wander through the streets of Fleetville north of Hatfield Road to discover who lived where, and when.

Living in Camp

Discovering the growth of homes in the Camp Estate, and the shops which supplied them. 

Shopping in Fleetville

The "Mile of Shops" along Hatfield Road numbered some ninety family businesses at one time – there are still over 70 thriving retail businesses.  We take a "shopping trip" from Sutton Road to The Crown.

Steaming Through Fleetville

We discover how Fleetville and the wider east end responded to the arrival of the Hatfield & St Albans branch railway (now Alban Way).

Next Stop Smallford

This walk continues from Hill End Station, where Steaming Through Fleetville stops.  We pass Wilkins Green, Nast Hyde and Roe Green. 

Camp Road

We stroll along Camp Road from Campfield Road to Ashley Road to discover life along this meandering thoroughfare.

Laid to Rest:  A Baker's Dozen

Stories about some of the early residents of St Albans who were laid to rest in Hatfield Road Cemetery.

Laid to Rest: Pioneers

A second walk around Hatfield Road Cemetery, in which we hear stories about some of this city's pioneers.

Laid to Rest: Private Lives

The third walk around Hatfield Road Cemetery offers a glimpse of the lives of some former residents who did not push themselves into the public arena.

Laid to Rest: Family and Friends

This fourth story walk, new for 2017, introduces visitors to a dozen more former residents of St Albans who we might have heard of.

St Albans' Own East End