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Photographs needed


All of the photos here have been in personal collections – albums, shoeboxes. envelopes.  They are now on this site because someone thought it worth sharing them with others.

They all have a story behind them which connects with the eastern districts of St Albans.

There are plenty of already-published photographs which have appeared in a range of books about St Albans.   There is also a range of street photos of several Fleetville roads in public collections, together with drawings of a number of the local farms.

We are now searching for new subjects which deserve a wider audience.  It is likely to be a special picture if taken before the 1960s, especially pre-war.  When films consisted of 8 or 12 pictures you didn't waste the resource! 

Your parents or grandparents may have taken a photo of the family outside the house they had just moved into.  If your family owned a shop, you may have had a photograph taken for postcards, which were then sold to regular customers.

Postcard photographs were also on sale from other retail outlets.

Your family may have taken a photograph or two at an event at Clarence Park, relaxing at the rec, enjoying a visit to an open day at Oaklands (Institute) Agricultural College.  Or a day out with the regulars of the former Camp PH or Rats' Castle, or the Sunday School, Scouts, Home Guard or school.   Then there were family and friend groups in the garden.  Have you retained photographs of yourself, teams or plays at one of the schools you attended?  Or your dad or grandad at work? 

Photos of people enjoying themselves in Clarence Park - for example - on the play equipment, such as the horse, roundabout and rocking cone.

Recent pictures are just as intriguing – history knocks on our doors in the 21st century too!

How to submit a photograph

Email this site and tell us of a photograph you want to let us know about.  Email link.

For emailing an image as an attachment scan it at 300 dpi if you can.  File sizes up to around 9 or 10 Mb can normally be sent by email.  The following formats can be used: TIFF or JPEG.   Please do not send images which are embedded in other documents, or images which have already been converted to PDF, as these cannot be satisfactorily edited and can therefore only be used as they are received.  If in doubt mention this in your email.

From top right:  Albion Dye Works staff; LINDA FULLER.  St Albans City Council Roller outside former prison; SANDY ROSS.  Stanton Timber, Castle Road; DARREN STANTON.  75th celebrations at Fleetville Infants School; DIANA DEVEREUX. Branson's corner shop. Burnham Road; GORDON JAMES.  St Paul's Fellowship group; . Original Bunch of Cherries PH; WHITBREAD ARCHIVE.


New pics

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St Albans' Own East End