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This photograph, similar to one published in the Herts Advertiser in December 1955, has been shared by Diana Devereux (nee Stone), who appears in the photo.  Father Christmas is there, with what appears to be a lucky dip.  The location is Hatfield Road, north side, to the west of Harlesden Road.  These are the two homes 163 and 165.  Where there is an open garage door in this picture, later became a laundrette, and more recently Noos and Soos.  The newpaper only revealed that it was an event related to a local business.  We would very much like to discover which business it might have been.  Much more importantly, we would like to discover the names of the children shown here. The children on either side of Father Christmas as Diane Devereux and Bruce Scotland. Ian Scotland is on the right.


This photograph was apparently taken c1894 by the Alma Road Studio.  Although I had not heard of this club the suggested portmanteau origin seems reasonable: Stanhope and Granville.  The approximate timing is also interesting because the Cavendish estate had been developing since 1883 followed shortly after by Stanhope and Granville roads and part of Camp Road, near the area known today as the Crown.  At that point in time there was no Fleetville and the Midland railway separated this area from the rest of the city.  Apart from Clarence Park (from 1894) there were several other playing spaces - part of Watson's old nursery, then in the hands of F Sander, most of the Gaol Field west of Camp Road, and the home field of St Peter's Farm.  Other details of the team are recorded at!-home-frame.htm

This photograph was submitted by the Tuck family, who were prominent members of Hatfield Road Methodist Church.  It is labelled "The Missionary Group."

The team, left above, came to us from the same source as the one, left below, and may contain players who knew Horace Tuck of Fleetville.  This may be the same team, though a different period – this photo appears to be more recent relative to the picture below.  The shirts  superficially are similar to other teams on this page, but in monochrome it is difficult to tell.  Users who are good at comparing faces may find a player on more than one photo!  Mr A C Tuck has been identified front row right end.  This was possibly an RAFA team at Clarence Park, between 1945 and 1950.

This photograph appeared in the Herts Advertiser in  the summer of 1923.  It shows a group of adults and children enjoying a picnic at Clarence Park.  We can pinpoint the spot as the, then new, football stand is behind the shrubs and trees.  Today the hedgeline is much thicker and a not-very-inviting toilet block impedes the view.  In the 1920s some of the grassed areas were left longer and rougher than we would expect today.

Identified so far is Brian Hall (back row, second from left), whose uncle was Fleetville hairdresser Percy Hall. To the right of him is Brian's cousin, Keith Hall.  To the left in the second row is Pat Foulds.  Front row, second from right is Nancy Dawe.

The photograph was taken at Christmas 1957.  The only known member of this group so far is Lottie Smedley, who is second from the left at the front table.

The properties in Albion Road were squeezed into a narrow space; so much so that there was no space at all for part of its length on the Camp Road side.  The works which developed were therefore on the east side of the road, long since replaced by the modern terrace on three floors.  This undated picture shows employees of the Dye Works, but could this herald a works outing?  Two men in peak caps may have been charabanc drivers.  Do you have any recollections of this works, or know anyone who worked there – even someone who appears in this photo.  Thanks, Linda, for sending it in.

Edwin Lee brought his boot factory, and at least one senior employee, Frank Toogood, from Hackney.  He opened initially in Cavendish Road, before moving to Grosvenor Road. 

These men were based at their hut perched at the corner of Hazelwood Drive and Central Drive, and used some of the spare ground for training.  Their duties included fire-watching at Beaumont schools.  The only man identified so far is Kenneth Neighbour, who is in the front row, second from right. 

Who are the others?

Marconi Instruments: Herts County League Championship 1960.

BACK ROW: A Murray, B Hoare, A Jarvis, G Tillitson, P Wells, E McShane, C Munt, R Aldridge, C Morris, G Walker (Manager), H Pratt.

FRONT ROW: D Dimmock, A Coroon, R Turner, W H Richards (Chairman), E Hescott, I Potton, M Ferguson.

The party, in 1947, took place, as did almost everything else, in the 'chicken shed' church, which was then still in Kingshill Avenue. 

Alan Nason has named most of his friends on their trip to Clacton in 1954.

Back row: Chris French, Sheila Brunt, Monty Axon, unknown, Brian Sharp, Barbara Brunt (unrelated to Sheila), David Dunham, unknown.

Front row: Alan Nason, Anette ....... , Frank Garrick, Pauline Morrison.

Carlton Football Club 1945/6

BACK ROW L-R: D McFarland, D Lucas, B Smith, A R East, A R Butcher, R G Perry, W Clark.

FRONT ROW L-R: J Carver, S Wells, K Hornett, J G James, J Norris.

It is thought the team were residents from Fleetville and based at Bishop's Stores, 113 Hatfield Road, where the owner ran a club for young people.  Was this photo, and the one above, both taken at the St Albans' Football Club. Clarence Park?

13th (Marshals-wick) St Albans Scouts 1947

in the troop's concrete hut at Pondfield Crescent.

BACK ROW L-R: John Burley, Maurice Quick, ?, Jim Adams, John Marion, Stan Gorman, Roy Jago.

THIRD ROW L-R: Keith Lawrence, Ronnie Mendleson, Tubby Myers, ?, John Talby, ?, ?

SECOND ROW L-R: David Sutcliffe, Morris Lewis, Jack Hurcombe, Dick Hosking, George Howlett, Brian Hewitt.

FRONT ROW L-R: ?, Ronnie Hammond, ?, Eddie Watts, Alan Nason, ?  

Carlton Football Club 1945/6

BACK ROW L-R: D McFarland, A Hawkes, P Atkins, J Yates, E Emmett, R Becker, E J Brookes.

FRONT ROW L-R: R Lloyd, J Norris, S Blow, C Hill, C Poulter.

5/13th St Albans Scouts

1990s.  The three leaders are Andy Robinson, Dave ?, and Paul Tuck.

This is an undated picture, and we only assume the location because of part of a poster we can see, background left.  This was also the subject of an early question in which we were trying to identify the school badges worn by the boy, extreme left, and the girl on the right.  Now, we want to find answers to the badges AND the identities of some of the gathering.  We are sure the man with the watch chain, left of centre, is Percy Stone.

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Courtesy Janet Staley-Haines

Carlton Football Club 1945/6

Carlton Football Club 1945/6

Courtesy Gordon James

Courtesy George Howlett

Marconi Football Squad 1960

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

WW2 Home Guard unit based at Hazelwood Drive

Employees at Edwin Lee's boot factory

Courtesy Alan Lawrie

The Dye Works in Albion Road

A workroom at Peake's, Hatfield Road

Elm Drive 1945 street party

Families from Elm Drive enjoy their street party for VE Day in 1945.  Not only have they found flags, but a string of coloured bulbs.  Who are all these children, and who are their parents?  Mums mainly, of course, as dads would still have been on service.  Roger Coasby is extreme left on this side of the table, while te third child from the right is thought to be John Hiscott.  On the other side of the table are Jenny and Barbara Field.

In the lower picture are Wendy and Gillian Kellard on the right nearest the camera.

A group of children from St Paul's

Two earlier local football teams

The picture above, taken in 1922, is of the football team of the St Albans Adult School (building formerly at the corner of Stanhope Road and Granville Road).  In 1922 the team won the Mid Herts League and the Benevolent Cup.  The man with the towel draped over his left shoulder was Charles Tuck, who, with his son Horace (the man wearing a bow tie), ran a small garage in Fleetville.

The photo below is of a team called Glenfield FC.  It was taken in 1910 "round the back" somewhere!  Glenfield is a portmanteau word from Glenferrie Road and Sandfield Road.  Neatly, Hatfield Road Methodist Church is situated between those two roads, and the Tuck family were enthusiastic members of the church – perhaps there was also a church football team.  In this group was either Mr A C Tuck or Mr Hawkins.

Another team (not shown here) was Stanville FC.  Another portmanteau word from Stanhope Road and Granville Road.

If you recognise any of the players or other people as being a grandfather, father or uncle, please email us.  These were local people, at one time living among us.  It would be great to know who they all were.

Glenfield FC

Father Christmas in Hatfield Road

Courtesy Diana Devereux

Stanville football club

Hatfield Road Methodist Church group

Two unknown Fleetville football teams

Picnic in Clarence Park

Another St Albans football team has surfaced.  It was shown to me by the daughter of a former trader in Fleetville, St Albans, and very close to the locality for the Glenfield FC team (see above).  The player front row left is Harold Stone, who was born 1906.  If we assume from the picture that he is c30 years old, the photograph was taken c1936.  Someone with more sports fashion knowledge may be able to tell more from the players' shirts.  It had been sent as a postcard to Mr G Bickerton, 90 Holywell Hill, St Albans.  Mr T Bickerton lived here in the 1930s. I presume Mr G was his son, and that (George?) Bickerton was another member of the team.  Further, written in pencil on the reverse is the name Kennard.  So he is a possible third player.  All very interesting!

The location is also intriguing.  The background, on slightly higher ground, appears to show new houses nearly finished.  In front of them is a line of chestnut paling fencing.  I know that doesn't help much because there was much house-building in the 1930s.

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

13th (Marshalswick) Scout Christmas party

Courtesy Alan Nason

St Paul's Fellowship visits Clacton

Courtesy Alan Nason

Marconi Instruments, Longacres

Ths photograph was taken in September 1957, the occasion of a fund-raising fete held at the Brampton Road buildings of the Boys' Grammar School.  These scouts are from the 18th (Homewood Road) Group. 

BACK ROW: Derek Shearman and Tony Dunkley. 

FRONT ROW: Phil Baker and Mike Kellard.  Another wooden hut, typical of the period, pressed into service due to shortage of permanent classroom accommodation.

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

Camp Liberal Club visit to Ilfracombe

Scouts at the Grammar School fete

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

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