St Albans' Own East End

Marshalswick School


Marshalswick School basketball team 1968

Music group at Marshalswick School

This group of students from Marshalswick Boys' School (now Sandringham) had entered for the St Albans Music Festival in 1967.  Evidence from the photo suggests this group won in their particular category!

Here they are:  L-R

Chris Dixon

Paul Taylor

Ken Allison

Peter Parrot

Colin Humphrey

David Wilkinson

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

BACK ROW L-R: Mr Holditch, Mr Hawksworth, Mr Luxembourg, Mr Lindup, Mr Bowen, Mr Finnett, Mr Danter, Mr Rayner, Mr Moon, Mr Waghorn, Mr Younger, Mr Wright.

MIDDLE ROW: Mr Chapman, Mr Hodgkinson, Mr Bilk, Mrs Wright, Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Simmons, Mrs Ireland, Mr Humphries, Mr Costain, Mrs Wykes, Mrs Taylor, Mr Coxall, Mr Longbone, Mr Childs.

FRONT ROW: Mr Eames, Mr Speed, Mr Butler, Mr Evans, Mr Berridge, Mr Cafferay, Mr Hope.

Many of these teachers transferred to the new Marshalswick Boys' School in September 1959.

Staff of Beaumont Boys' School 1959

Marshalswick Boys' School choir, band and jazz band 1967 and 1968

Bill Huther (USA exchange teacher for Bill Kerridge) is on the left.  The team members are:

BACK ROW L to R:  Steve Bagnell, Jim Deamer, Andy Rydeheard, David Whiteside. Stuart Siberry. 

FRONT ROW: Sid Addington, Dave Norris, Steve Doublett, Paul Gray, Robin Swanston.

Marshalswick Boys' School, 5B, 1962

BACK ROW L-R: John Archibald, David Burgess, Alan Wells, Alan Clark, Graham Turner, W Murdock, B Leonard, J Howard, J Campbell, David Baker.

FRONT ROW L-R:  John Knock, Stuart Ruby, J Newell, M Evans, G Watt, P Martin, Peter Davis, D Boniface.

Courtesy Peter Davis

LEFT:  art group;

RIGHT: music class with Ian Hamilton, head of music


LEFT: Head teacher Frank C Mills;

RIGHT: Deputy Head teacher Ronald Kitching


Woodwork class.  Only one pupil known:


LEFT: English class with David Berridge;

RIGHT: choral rehearsal 1963; far left David Hofton; back left John Burden.

Marshalswick science group

This group from Marshalswick Boys' School in the 1960s may include you.  The project was to construct an astronomical telescope.

BACK ROW L-R: Graham Andrews, Graham Wilkins, Mick Neville, Gordon Grant, Barry Dudey, Richard Prime, Alan Martin, Mr W Kerridge. 

FRONT ROW L-R: Paul Francis, Peter Hardy, Allen Nicklin, Andrew Thomas, Kevin Booth, Mick Parslow. 

Courtesy Allen Nicklin

Marshalswick School U15 football 1965

TOP: Rural studies teach Mr R Bilk (1962).

MIDDLE:  Part of the concert band rehearsing for its next performance (1967).

BOTTOM:  PE on the field.  The teacher is thought to be Mr Carvell.

Courtesy Chris Neighbour

A Marshalswick first year form

A class in 1961 with their teacher Mrs Wykes.  A school rule forbad the wearing of outdoor shoes inside.  This was to protect the floor surfaces in this new set of buildings.  You can see everyone is wearing plimsols.  I bet the teachers didn't though!

Three activities from Marshalswick School

Marshalswick School; maths lesson in 1962

Brass at Marshalswick in 1968

Speech Day in 1965

U16 football team 1960/61 ?

Taking centre stage is Frank Mills.  Did you receive a prize in 1965?

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

If this was 1960/61 then the photo might have been taken at the end of the school's second season.  The White Martin, issue 2, records the following as goal scorers:

Welling, Hunt, Woodman, Baker, Watson.

Can you confirm whether these are in the lineup shown here?

U16 football 1964-5

Allen Nicklin is in this show of team strength (back row, fourth from left), but who else is here?

Mr Kerridge is also in the back row, second from right.

Courtesy Allen Nicklin

U13 football c1968

Courtesy Chris Neighbour

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Woodwork class

Music group rehearsal

Only one of the three pupils currently recalled:

FRONT: Harvey Dunstan.

Courtesy Chris Neighbour

St Albans' Own East End

4th year 1969

BACK ROW L-R: Phil Wood, Andrew Hobbs, Andrew Giddings, Philip Heathman, Philip Muskett, Neil Edwards, David Berridge (teacher), Jonathan Hunt, Mark Knight, Andrew Dyer, David Budd, John Sykes

MIDDLE ROW L-R: David Evans, Philip Bagnall, Stephen Freeman, Peter Whiteside , Peter King, Malcolm Coombes, Carl Strohmeir, John Scales, Steve Carpenter, Steve Davies

FRONT ROW L-R: Gary Manning, Peter Scarles, Christopher Henderson. Steve South, Keith Price, Michael Willoughby, Michael Steward, Barry Crick, Gregory Gachowicz, Mark Shilston.

Courtesy David Evans

Michael Willoughby when a younger member of the school

BACK ROW L-R: David Burden, Graham Dumpleton, Richard Barnfather, Keith Putman, Clive Hester, Kevin Collier, Trevor King, Mr Duggan.

FRONT ROW L-R: Colin Orchard, Geoffrey Gourd, Rodney Potts, Gary Vass, Greg Woods. Tony Lye, Peter Williams, Brian Lockie, Michael Burgess.  

Richard Barnfather receiving a First certificate from his own Head teacher, Frank Mills, for either javelin or discus.  Second and Third placed competitors were from other schools.

The location was Westminster Lodge.

District Sports c1968