St Albans' Own East End

100 objects


The current British Museum/BBC project The History of the World in 100 objects, can inspire us to search for objects which have a more local connection; in this particular case, the Story of the East End in 100 objects - or however many we can find.

They will all be objects which have a particular relevance to the eastern districts of the city and help to tell its story.  We would very much like East Enders to contribute to this growing collection. 

The objects may not, in themselves, be unique to the eastern districts.  For example, the coronation mug was given to children in many schools around the city, but this one was presented (full of sweets) to the author at Fleetville School.  So it is part of our story.

Central (now Fleetville Junior) was the first city secondary school to be opened by the county education committee, in 1930.  It was also the first school designed to include a performance area.  Soon after, schools also included dressing rooms.  The second object therefore represents the opportunities which schools took in presenting plays and concerts.

Email the author with details of a local object which you think should join the collection.  You may wish to upload a picture of it on the Upload a photo page.  New objects will be added to this page as they are offered or selected.

Play programme Beaumont School 1958

Coronation mug Fleetville School 1953

Horseshoe from Beaumonts Farm c1950

Enamel street plate in Fleetville c1906

Turnpike Trust mile marker, Oaklands c1770

City boundary post, Sandpit Lane, 1913

Electricity enclosure, Crown, c1908

Drinking fountain, Clarence Park, 1894

A vanda orchid as sold by Sander's, Camp Road

Blazer badge, Beaumont Boys' c1955

St Albans' own east end in one hundred objects.  

The collection so far.

Building work receipt, Arthur Road, 1947

Competition attache case, 1951-3

The Cone, similar to one at Clarence Park

Redundant turnstile, Clarence Park

Former Co-operative Dairy sign

War memorial, Hatfield Road cemetery

Union flag c1935

Kodak 620 Junior camera, c1934

Publicity diary for P H Stone & Sons

de Havilland Mosquito, 1950-1950

Milking stool, 19c, from Wheathampstead

Our East End in one hundred objects

Halt sign from Beaumont Avenue

Page from autograph book, Merrilands School

Turnpike mile post, Fleetville

ARP book by SE Thomas

WW2 air raid sirent

Village pump, Sleapshyde

Short-lived sign at the Rats' Castle pub

Welcome map at The Wick

A Comet at The Comet Hotel

Art deco doorway at Ballito Hosiery Mills

Village sign, Sleapshyde

WW2 identity cards

Books published by the Museums' Service

Sculptured bench at Clarence Park

Hanging sign at Three Horseshoes, Smallford

Foundation stone, former Fleetville Institute

The first community paper for Fleetville

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The first 51 objects appearing in Volume 1

1880    Boundary post marking the city’s extension in 1879.           

1881    Turnpike tarrif board, marking official closure of turnpikes.       

1882    Turnpike milepost at Oaklands, near South Lodge.           

1883    Timetable for the St Albans to Hatfield railway.           

1884    Windpump, often used before piped water supplies.       

1885    Jigsaw map, modern object using an 1890s OS map    .       

1886    Copy of the Herts Advertiser, keeper of local record.           

1887    Horseshoe from Beaumonts Farm.                   

1888    Milking stool which began life at Wheathampstead.           

1889    Redundant water pump from Sleapshyde.               

1890    First century pottery discovered at Fleetville.               

1891    Dress carriage from Tyttenhanger Park.               

1892    A significant tree, Camp Road                       

1893    Straw plait, a cottage industry staple product.               

1894    White road barrier gate, as previously at Beaumont Avenue.       

1895    John Buckingham painting of Camp Lane.               

1896    A Vanda orchid, as grown at Sander’s Orchid Nursery.       

1897    The hanging sign at the Three Horseshoes at Smallford.       

1898    Camp School log book.                       

1899    Publication printed by Smith’s Printing Agency.           

1900    Door furniture from a house in Arthur Road.               

1901    Foundation stone from the former Fleetville Institute.           

1902    Drinking fountain donated by Lady Blundell Maple.           

1903    The arms of John Marten and adopted by his family.           

1904    An engraved gatepost from Campfield Press.               

1905    Terra cotta tiles from cottages in Hedley Road.           

1906    Hill End cemetery plot markers.           

1907    Still-fruiting apple tree from Hill End’s orchard.               

1908    Early electricity enclosure at the Crown junction.           

1909    Village sign at Sleapshyde.                       

1910    Turnpike mile post at Fleetville, in new position.           

1911    Coat from W O Peake Ltd                       

1912    The cone, or ‘Witch’s Hat’ roundabout at Clarence Park.       

1913    City boundary post from extension in 1913.               

1914    Book about Marshalswick published by Museum of St Albans.   

1915    Copy of short-lived community newspaper Fleetville Free Press.   

1916    St Albans to Hatfield branch line carriage and locomotive       

1917    Book about Fleetville published by Museum of St Albans.       

1918    Builder’s receipt for work carried out on the Beaumonts Estate.   

1919    Memorial to the fallen in Hatfield Road cemetery.           

1920    Enamel street plate from the first batch manufactured.       

1921    J Sheppard’s bread delivery cart.                   

1922    Redundant turnstile to football area of Clarence Park.           

1923    Guernsey cow                               

1924    Marketing item: wallet of matches from Tuck’s garage.       

1925    Union flag, flown on several key occasions since the 1920s.       

1926    Carved wooden map board at The Wick.               

1927    Controversial public house sign at the Rats’ Castle.           

1928    Sculptured bench from fallen tree, Clarence Park.           

1929    Brick from Owen’s brickworks formerly in Ashley Road.       

1930    A bus belonging to Arthur Blowers.                   

… to be continued

Objects 51 to 100 will be displayed on this page following the publication of Volume 2.

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