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Fleetville School football team 1949

Two names here which the author can identify are new head teacher Mr R G Dawe (left) and teacher Mr Griffiths. who coached the team.  We now have identifIed all of the players, though not all of their first names!  Perhaps you recognise yourself, or a friend or relative.  The photo was taken on the Woodstock Road south side of the building a year after the street was given this name.  Evidence of several dirty knees suggests it was taken after the match.  This is an especially interesting picture.  Referring to the Bridle and Burgoyne book "A 100 Years: A History of Schools' Football in St Albans", it makes no mention of a 1948/49 season.  Was there a break for some reason?  Or are all the records missing?  Was this a celebratory picture at the end of a successful season or simply a representative team picture for the season?

BACK ROW: Mr Dawe, Stephen Divine; Anderson; Godfrey; Mike Dobie; Brian Franklin; Michael Trounce, Mr Griffiths

FRONT ROW: Brian Eve; Paul Donegan; Brian Johnnies (Captain); McDonald; Peter Nicholson.  You will notice a family resemblance between Peter Nicholson and John Nicholson in the 1951/2 team above.

Fleetville football team 1951/2

Miss Randall's class, Fleetville School 1950

BACK ROW L to R:  Sylvia Broad, Jean Hall?, girl, Derek Shearman, Jacqueline ... ?, John Furbank, Ruth?, Jennifer Bristow, girl, Glenda ...? (Welsh?), girl, boy, Miss Randall. 

THIRD ROW: John Merritt, Margaret Guppy, Roy Schnabel, Antony Dunkley, Ian Harwood, boy, boy, boy, Diane Huxtable, Robert Bamberg, Hazel Scottow, Richard Scott, Catherine Smith?, Jean Horney.

SECOND ROW: Robin Rowland, boy hidden, Evelyn Semper, Janet Dent, girl, John Harding, Andrew Stone, girl, boy, Gillian Clark?, Geoffrey Carter, Paul Monk? (boy hidden).  FRONT ROW: Nancy Bustin, girl, boy, John Ault, Anne Shepherd, Doris Smith, Peter Stickland, Geoffrey Gadsdon, boy.

If you recognise yourself, or someone else, do let us know.  Updated July 30th 2017.

Courtesy Rachel Travers

Third year class at Fleetville School, 1957

BACK ROW L to R:  Michael Keith, Peter Howes, Michael Reay, Roger Porter, Keith Tomlin, Christopher Dredge, boy, Margaret Freeman, Pauline Speare (hidden), Margaret Green, David? Swinson, Norman Darrington. 

THIRD ROW: boy, Paul Timms, Billy Neale, John Houghton, Wendy ?, Susan Jacobi, Helen Bamberg, Christopher Neighbour, Rosemary Smith, John Barraclough 

SECOND ROW: boy, boy, Scott Brown, boy, Cheryl ?, Christine Goddard, Elizabeth Ridgeway, Vivien Smith, Michael Cook, Michael French, David Bruton, David Hankins, Barry Schnabel, Jeremy Hall. 

FRONT ROW: Caroline Frost, Susan Ullyat, Gloria Boyes, Linda Caldicott, Gillian Wilders?, Susan Evans, Marion Morley, Roger Edwards, David Coasby, Peter Smith, Trevor Shuttleworth.

If you recognise yourself, or someone else, do let us know.  This was the A class. Another 40 children in the same year were in the B class.

Courtesy Chris Neighbour

Three Fleetville School football teams

A successful period in the history of Fleetville School football team is celebrated in these three photographs from the Herts Advertiser.

Top, 1929. middle, 1930, and bottom, 1932.

At this time the Fleetville was an elementary school and the team members would therefore have been between 12 and 14, although the 1930 youngsters look rather younger.

You may find boys in more than one of the teams.

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

Fleetville School class 4A in 1959

BACK ROW: Mr Thomas, Mr Belcher, Mr Dawe, Mr Griffiths. 

TEAM BACK ROW: John Beech, Ken Greenway, Brian Williams, Charlie Lyne, Tony Walkden. 

MIDDLE ROW: John Nicholson, Graham Jones, John Denman, David Harding, John Greenway. 

FRONT ROW: John Hiscott.

Courtesy John Nicholson

BACK ROW L-R: Jennifer Marsh, Patricia Folds, Mary Kendall, ?, ?, ?, Susan Scott, ?, ?, Jacqueline Hall.

THIRD ROW L-R: Jennifer ..., ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

SECOND ROW L-R: ?, ?, ?, Gillian Andrews, ?, Charleen Hammond, ?

FRONT ROW L-R: ?, ?, Rachel Stone, ?, ?

Courtesy Rachel Travers

BACK ROW L-R: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

FRONT ROW L-R: ?, ?, ?, Peter Saban, ?

Courtesy Rachel Travers

Empire Day at Fleetville School

This photograph is undated, but most of the children will be recognisable by someone! 

Courtesy Fleetville Infants School

Fleetville School athletics team, 1949

So far the only recognisable people are in the back row: Miss Samuels, Mr Dawe (Head Teacher) and Mr Griffiths. 

BACK ROW, L-R: unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown, Paul Donegan, Michael Dobie.

SECOND ROW, L-R: unknown; Ruth Martin; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; McDonald; John Nicholson, Michael Trounce.

FRONT ROW, L-R: unknown; Joan Harvey; unknown; Brian Johnnies; Godfrey; unknown.

Clearly pleased with themselves, having won trophies at the schols' sports at Clarence Park.  Who else is here?

Courtesy John Nicholson

VE Day party in the junior hall

Class Junior 1 in c1930

Class Senior 7 in 1931

Class Junior 4 in 1931

A class in 1914

Two of the children are identified as Angus Calder and Grace Carter.

The children in the photo are Harold Chinery, Robert Heighton (?), Alfred Sharpe, Kath Brown, Francis Reffige (?)

George Davis, Harold Davis, Harold Fletcher. Kitty Butcher, Joyce Jakeman,

Ronald Watson, Charles Davis, Olive Zugg. Gladys Van de Voorde, Connie Ewens,

Reginald Hart, Lesley Dunscombe, Joan Hambrook, Lilian Morris, Winifred Ware,

Lesley Young, Ronald Watson, Daphne Trott, Ruby Smith, ..... Parsons

Fleetville School athletics team c1931

Photo taken on the football field at Clarence Park with the cricket pavilion and former tea pavilion in the background. Senior girls were still at Fleetville in 1932 and senior boys in 1933.  Since most of this group appear to be seniors the photo is provisionally dated no later than 1932.

Courtesy Colin Wilson



BACK: Claud Dryden, Cyril Pearman, Arthur Ray, Angus Calder.

MIDDLE: Leslie Goodfellow, Donald Fake, Mr Carter, Ronald Denholm, Jack Smith.

FRONT: Harold Chinery, George van de Voorde, Victor Lloyd

1929/30 Junior Wix Shield

We know that none of the players from 1928/29 were still playing for the school in 1929/30, but we know the names from a match report in the Herts Advertiser.  Unfortunately, we can't match the names to the faces!

R Whipps, Harry Blanks, Herbert Stone, Watts, Dennis Lawrence, Blackburn, Claude Butcher, Dellar, Stanley Kirkham, Perkins, Philip Adcock.

1931/2 Wix Shield

Once again, we know the names from match reports, and also that 6 players had also played two years previously in the Junior Wix Shield match (above).

R Whipps, Maurice Searle, Harry Blanks, M Ready, Dennis  Lawrence, Herbert Stone, Claude Butcher, Stanley Kirkham, K Martin, L Bedford, S Nicholas.

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Fleetville Junior School – probably only  part of which is in this picture – celebrated VE Day in May 1945.  A celebratory cake has a table of its own in the centre; parents would have supplied sandwiches; and a good number of adults lined the Infants School ent of the hall, which has been decorated with flags

Courtesy St Albans' Museums

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