St Albans' Own East End

Camp School


Early 1900s class at Camp School

This picture of Class 1 – presumably of the senior section  – is at Camp Board School in the early 1900s.

It was sent by Darren Stanton, whose family lived in Castle Road.  The photo probably includes one or more of his family, but so far, no-one has been identified.

Courtesy Darren Stanton

Top class Camp School 1959

The teachers are Mr Cook (left) and Mr Belcher (rght). 

BACK ROW L to R: David Street, John White, Tony Janes, Alan Dearlove, Terry Poulter, Geoffrey Harber, Colin Fassinage, Angela Downing, Lesley Sewell.

THIRD ROW: Penny Folds, Margaret Goodyear, Gillian Morris, Judith Hewitt, Josephine Wright, Pat Ellis, Marion Perry, Susan Faulkner.  SECOND ROW: Pauline Weeks, Lynn Kent, Mary Houseman, Pamela Lancefield, Eileen Foster, Stella Guy, Sandra Newman, Susan Fricker, Cynthia Smith, Carol Lynch, Sandra Ogilvie. 

FRONT ROW: Graham Billings, Simon Barnes, David Coles, Michael Curtis, Terry Rudling, Richard Potter, Nigel Mould, Adrian Ponting.  Are you among that number?

Camp School football team in 1933

Camp JMI School 1938

BACK ROW L-R:  1 Eddie Coxall;  2 Ronnie Rand;  3 ......;  4 ......;  5 John Laver;  6 .......;  7 Billy Mills;  8 .......;  9 .......; 10 .......

THIRD ROW L-R:  1 Iris Highett;  2 Mavis Hooker; 3 Jean Hercam;  4 .......;  5 .......;  6 .......  7 .......;   8 Daphne Pinner  9 .......;  10 .......;  11 .......;  12 Joyce Howard

SECOND ROW L-R:  1 .......;  2 .......; 3 .......; 4 Margaret ? 5 .......; 6 Audrey Seater; 7 Brenda Dimock; 8 .......; 9 .......; 10 ........;     11 Jean Garden; 12 Daphne Ruderford

FRONT ROW L-R: 1 Henry ?; 2 .......; 3 George Smith; 4 .......; 5 Arthur Atkins; 6 Peter Messer;  7 Denis Brockwell;  8 John Fribens; 9 Teddy Dearwell   

Courtesy George Smith

Camp School 1931

This may have been the first "top class" after the senior boys moved to Fleetville and senior girls moved to Priory Park.

BACK ROW L-R: Ron Rolf, Alec Lawrence, Cyril Bedford, Bill Eames, Jesse Moore, Les Hall, Ron Hieatt, Arthur Kisley, Fred Rance.

FOURTH ROW L-R: Joan Darby, Dora Thompson, Dot Harris, Queenie Swain, Mary Waldron, Kath Groom, Joan Cox, Margaret Austin, Ivy Stanton.

THIRD ROW L-R: Ethel Smith, Ruby Groves, Connie Sharp, Mabel Chaplin, Eileen Jones, Irene Sholes, Sybil Shepherd, Gwen Gray, Doreen Good.

SECOND ROW L-R: Geoff Matthews, Arthur Allen, George Rodford, Stan Coombes, Les Catlin.

FRONT ROW L-R: Arthur Day, Cyril Janes, Ron Burgess, Doug James.

Courtesy Gordon James

Miss Ward's class at Camp School, 1951

Infants class at Camp School in 1922

Camp School Netball Team 1930-31

A senior class at Camp School in 1930

Class 5 at Camp School c1930

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Camp Elementary School c1920

Camp School class in 1913 or 1914

Your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent might be sitting here, proudly showing off snowdrops the class has drawn on slates – yes, that's what slates looked like!

The Hitchcock Cup team 1933

BACK ROW:  J Matthews, F Runchman, P Hall, G Rawles, A Kirby, F Matthews

FRONT ROW: V Cross, R Little, E Dennis, D Rolph. D Maunder

Courtesy Herts Advertiser

St Albans' Own East End

Camp School junior

teachers c1956

BACK ROW L TO R: Mrs L Luck; Mr J Bonney;  ? ;  Mr A Dunkley;  ?

FRONT ROW: Miss W Smedley;  Mr W Belcher; Mrs Chapman