St Albans' Own East End

Beaumont Schools

and Hatfield Road


The Sea Cadet football team c1940

This photograph was taken in the front playground of Beaumont School, Oakwood Drive, St Albans.  At the beginning of WW2 the Sea Cadets trained at the school before moving to new headquarters at Verulamium.  One recognsable face, in the centre of the middle row, is teacher Mr A Coxall, who was also a Special Constable.  He also arranged experience visits to Portsmouth navl and marine bases.  Although St Albans Sea Cadets, it is likely that many of the team members lived in the Fleetville, Camp and Colney Heath areas.  Mr A C Tuck is in the second row.

A Beaumont Boys' School photo from 1956

Included in this picture is Brian Butler (4).  Others are Brian Griffiths, David or Roger Miles, David Woodhead, Gorman, David Wilkinson, Spooner, Clayton, John Hiscott, Christopher Rice and Fletcher, but we are not sure which is which!.  If you were at Beaumont Boys' from 1955 to 1959 you could help complete our list!

Courtesy Brian Butler

A class from Hatfield Road School

A 1939 picture from the Hatfield Road Boys' School, in the year after many of its younger pupils transferred to the new Beaumont School.  Though "out of area" some of these students may have lived Fleetville or Camp way. 

Courtesy Andy Lawrence

BACK ROW L-R: Mr Holditch, Mr Hawksworth, Mr Luxembourg, Mr Lindup, Mr Bowen, Mr Finnett, Mr Danter, Mr Rayner, Mr Moon, Mr Waghorn, Mr Younger, Mr Wright.

MIDDLE ROW: Mr Chapman, Mr Hodgkinson, Mr Bilk, Mrs Wright, Mrs Chamberlain, Mrs Simmons, Mrs Ireland, Mr Humphries, Mr Costain, Mrs Wykes, Mrs Taylor, Mr Coxall, Mr Longbone, Mr Childs.

FRONT ROW: Mr Eames, Mr Speed, Mr Butler, Mr Evans, Mr Berridge, Mr Cafferay, Mr Hope.

Staff of Beaumont Boys' School 1959


school journey 1962

BACK ROW: flanked by Walter Costain and coach driver Mr Crain; Roger Messer third from left.

FRONT ROW: Philip Jones second from right, and Alistair Robertson extreme right, both in black school blazers. 

Do any other photos exist of this or other trips undertaken by Beaumont School, Somerset, Snowdon, Portsmouth and France among them?

Courtesy Alistair Robertson

BACK ROW L-R:  ?; Ursula Tyrer;  ?; Daphne Spicer; Miss Ellis (head teacher); Jean Pryke (Smith); Beryl Seabrook;  ?;  ?.

FRONT ROW L-R: ?;  ?;  Edith Shadbolt; Betty Kent; Margaret Martin; Jean Dougliesh.  This is thought to be a line-up of prefects with their head teacher. 

It is the teacher in this line-up who has been recognised first.  Her name is Miss Tucker.  Both this photo, and the one below courtesy JEAN SMITH. 

BACK ROW L-R: Beryl Seabrook;  ?;  Daphne Spicer;  ?;  ?;  ?;  ?; Margaret Martin. 

MIDDLE ROW L-R: Ursula Tyrer;  ?;  ?; Jean Pryke (Smith); Vera Warren;  ?;  ?;  ?; Joan Dougleish;  ?;  ?; Rosetta Thompson. 

FRONT ROW L-R: Barbara Canfield;  ?; Betty Kent; Edith Shadbolt; Miss Tucker; Maureen King; Jean Shepherd; Pat Knight; Margaret Martin.  Note: Margaret Martin is named twice!

Beaumont Girls' School

(at Oakwood Drive site)

Beaumont Girls' School,

Oakwood Drive, 1952/3

BACK ROW L-R: Mary Grosvenor, Doreen Blanks, Rosemary Henderson, Jill Sinclair, Mary Silbery, Janet Chalinor, Sylvia Reeves, Pat Saunders, Dorothy Hicklin.

THIRD ROW L-R: Gill Bracey, Jean Myers, Sheila Rowntree, Anne Reece, Audrey Skeet, Josie Lincoln, Anita Gatehouse, Ann Hutchinson, Janet Hathaway, teacher (name unknown).

SECOND ROW L-R: Jeanette Cunningham, Pauline Scott, Diane Browning, Jill Driscoll, Gloria Batson, Marion Howe, Pauline Morris, Sheila Smedley, Julie Baskerfield, Linda Peters.

FRONT ROW L-R: Betty Rowe, Carol Morgan, Irene Robson, Sylvia Lovatt, Pat Dollymore, Valerie Craddock.

Corrections made July 20th 2016.

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St Albans' Own East End

Beaumont School

Canada House 1949

Beaumont Sixth Form


Beaumont Boys' School football  19??

Beaumont School

at Cuffley Camp 1946

Beaumont Old Boys 1957/58

No members of the camp have so far been identified.

BACK ROW: Norman Johnson; Cyril Weatherer (Manager); Charlie Kitchener; Clifford Anderson; Michael Williams;

?;  ?;  Roger Green

FRONT ROW: Keith Chalkley; Brian Weatherer; Roy Day; Greg Evans;  ?;  Roy Martin

BACK ROW: Glenn Rodford; M Edrich; Michael O'Gorman; Jane Kember; M Pendergast; Brian Farrell; Linda Perkins; Neil Parsons; Francs Spokes; Keith Pearcey

MIDDLE ROW: Jane Henman; Brian Rodford; Cathy Ryan; Peter Ward; David Hunt; Colin Bridges; Chris Gautier, Jill Spicer; Arnold Jeffares;  ?

FRONT ROW: Derek O'Connor; Ruth Shaw; T Quinn;  Jill Spicer;  Patrick Campbell; Pamela Farrow;  Kevin Hilliard; Sally Towler;  John Harris; Lynne Jones

No members of the team have so far been identified; the names of one or two of them will also help to identify the year.

Was this a combined sports team, A and B football teams, athletic team?  No-one identified so far.